For Driven Women Living With Hypothyroidism Including Hashimoto's
Heal Your Hormones 
Heal Your Life Masterclass
Discover How To Experience Abundant Energy, Razor Sharp Focus & Eliminate Anxiety without taking more supplements, Following strict diets or feeling like you’re giving up your life.
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Hi! My name is Maria Tobelen and I’m a functional medicine practitioner. I’m also known as the hormone activator and life catalyst. Just like you I’ve had my share of struggles with hypothyroidism. With over 10,000 hrs of clinical practice and experience I’ve had the chance to experiment on myself and my patients what truly helps driven women like you SHIFT and MOVE the needle. What I’ll share with you on this masterclass is what has helped me and my patients finally experience health, joy and freedom...For Good.
Here's What will be revealed to you In This 
45 Minute masterclass
Insight #1
The 4 Dimensional Lifestyle
Why optimizing your health and strengthening your mental, emotional and spiritual skill set is a MUST if you want to experience health and a life of joy and freedom. 

Insight #2
Your Health Code
How to identify which pattern of hormone or thyroid imbalance is triggering your symptoms that is not allowing you to tap into that energy, mental clarity, and experience that joy and freedom. 

Insight #3
Re-Shaping Your Thoughts
Why re-wiring how you think is the FASTEST way to control how you feel and act reducing both emotional and physical stress.

This workshop will challenge everything you believe to be true about resolving your hypothyroidism symptoms including Hashimoto's. 
If you are a driven woman who believes that resolving your symptoms should not require you to rely on taking 20 supplements pills a day and eating green salads all week this masterclass is for you!
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